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It is undoubtedly expensive to buy organic meat for a big family, especially on our island.  As much as I want to eat a good burger now and then, it is cheaper to be vegetarian.  But, I still crave protein and I get sick of beans.. or at least the beans make us sick of each other.

The only inexpensive solution to this is seafood, but not all fish is equal.  I used to always get salmon because it supports the B.C. economy, but the sockeye salmon run was terrible this year, the worst it has been in 50 years.  Then I get paranoid about what to get because you don't know if it is farmed or full of toxins like tuna is.  That's when you need a sustainable seafood guide.

The following is a list of safe, sustainable, organic, free-range food:

Arctic Char
Pacific Halibut
Atlantic Mackerel

I've only had oysters, squid, and trout.  Pretty much all other seafood is suspect, which is such a shame. So yesterday I got myself some sardines, which are supposed to be very healthy for you.  I haven't quite figured out what I will do with them, but I'm sure they will be tasty.

This week my posting may be a bit sparse as we are in the middle of moving, but videos will soon follow.  Stay tuned!

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Hi, check for fish that is labeled "wild caught". You can also find canned fish that is certified "wild", but it will have added salt.

Even wild caught fish may not be sustainable. For example, the sockeye salmon I mentioned in the post is caught in the wild, but is not plentiful enough for people to be eating it. The list above are the only fish that are now still plentiful, free of toxins, and caught sustainably.