Steampunk Bus - Moving Day! - (03/6/10 - 010)


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What sort of inspection did you need to get? We're in Wisconsin and our inspection for licensing was very strict.

Call me a rebel, but I loved the way you stated to put the stickers in the place that would be easiest to remove!

After our bus was licensed, we put something on the bus that would have never passed.

I can't wait to hear how it's going...I'd love to do what you're doing!


There are two inspections, a federal and a provincial. The federal one was pretty easy - the exits had to be labeled in English and French, we had to have all recalls done and it had to have daytime running lights. The BC one is much stricter but we have been told that if we finish the conversion it will be easier for us. We're crossing our fingers!

Enjoyed the video. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.