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It is with incredible excitement that I announce that my book Deliberate Life: The Ultimate Homesteading Guide, is going to be published by Skyhorse Publishing, who has also published Back to Basics and many other of my favorite homesteading and self-reliance books.

My new book is going to have the cover above, and it will be full color and also have even more information and many, many more photos and illustrations!

The catch is that while I tell you this now, the book will not come out until about January 2011... so you'll just have to wait!  Furthermore, my current book will no longer be available as of April 1st of this year... in only two weeks.   This means that if you want to have the original, self-published edition of my book, you'll have to buy it now.

At some point in April I will be completely redoing my website and I will no longer be hosted on Blogger.  Some of you have been coming to Deliberatelife.com for many years, even way back when I had a forum and you could log in and talk to people and post articles.  I want to thank those people who were there, the seasoned homesteaders that I double-checked all the knowledge compiled in my book, who freely offered their time and encouragement, and all the people who have been reading my blog just because they want to.  Thank you!

Keep your eyes peeled for more adventures!

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The book looks wonderful. Congrats! Looking forward to reading it when it comes out. Enjoying your blog.

Good Luck Nicole in all your endeavors. So happy you found a publisher! I will watch for your "new" redone website.

Thank you thank you. :)