Steampunk Bus - Roughing It - (04/13/10 - 012)


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This video glitched when uploading and it took 3 more tries to get it to work... so this is the same video with the audio fixed. Enjoy!

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Great job! I really think you should try uploading again... Just for me ;)

Are you planning on traveling much with the bus or just mainly living in it?


Ok Kari, just for you, I'll try again. :) I am uploading it right now.



This is so exciting to see! I love the minimalist lifestyle, I had a big long dream about it last night, some statistic kept popping into my dream about us needing at least 1.5 Earths to keep living the way we currently do, then I was trying to convince everyone around me that we needed to make changes NOW NOW NOW or never, and no one was really listening. Then I woke up and saw this. Good on you guys, I am so impressed with the ingenuity and organization you're putting into designing your bus-home. It's shocking just how much you can fit in, master bedroom, bunks, kitchen, entertainment, etc. It's also amazing how families adapt to living in closed quarters together and become much closer. You guys are going to have some great memories to share as a family! Keep it up!