I was going to post about femininity....


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...but Jennie at the Sense and Sensibility blog wrote a post to end all posts on the subject. Go read that and then look at the nice collection of links I found for you, lol.

Baker Lane - lovely historical patterns
Sense & Sensibility Patterns - more lovely historical patterns
The Play Dress - fairly inexpensive play dresses
Garlands of Grace - some of the best hair wraps or coverings if you do that... even if you just need a headband these are awesome

I just finished making the Sensibility regency dress for Ana. After talking to a lot of people, her obsession with fashion and the tightness of her clothes just wasn't healthy, so we're sticking to girlish dresses and skirts.

Cranberry Farm Tour Movie


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We got a video camera and so I shot this at Yellowpoint Cranberry Farm. Ana shot some of it as well which is why you just see legs sometimes... it was part of her project. We were with the homeschool group. I think as I go along I'll get better at editing - I used a lot of iMovie transitions just out of the can, so they are a bit overused. I hope you like it. Since this was Ana's project she wanted to make it more artsy with lots of music, but I have lots more informative footage on cranberry farming. Can someone tell me if there's a demand for that sort of thing... or are you watching to be entertained?