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So thank you to Linda for pointing out the very important fact that you can't legally live in a tipi in most places on the east coast of Canada.  Actually no place.  Having always been from the west, I assumed that like here, if you drive far enough away from civilization you can pretty much live how you want and people will leave you alone.  In the east, you really can't drive very far from civilization.  If you've ever seen a photo of North America from space at night, this becomes very apparent.  

You can't even truly live in an RV on your land for very long, unless you are building a house that conforms to building codes, has a building permit and is getting inspected.  These laws all have sound reasoning behind them, but certainly throw a wrench in our starry-eyed plans.  

But we've been brainstorming and we have many ideas, although all of them seem to prevent us form fully giving up electricity.  It may be that we get off the grid later than a couple of months, a sacrifice I'd be willing to make in order to save up for a much better and well-thought out plan.  We are still looking at RV's, but investigating a nomadic lifestyle.  And we are looking at sharing other people's land so we can homestead also.  

This next month our project is going to be making ginger ale.  And we're trying to cut out sugar and make things from scratch, and for now we're happy. :)

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I hope your living situation can be figured out quickly.

Missing the old format, but loving this as well!!