Feeling a sense of community? That's the economy tanking.


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My husband believes the economy is on its way up. I think it's staying about the same right now... not getting better, but at least it's not getting too much worse. He bases his opinion on the stock market. I base mine on how big the global sense of community is.

We watched Knowing last night (you know that one, with Nicholas Cage, where he's a single parent trying to save people?). What a strange movie. I don't want to give any of it away (even though I'm dying to), but there's a part when humanity knows a disaster is coming. The majority of people in the movie go from calm to full-on looting maniacs, every-man-for-himself in about five minutes. I honestly don't think that would happen, and maybe I'm an optimist, but I think people come together in a crises.

As more people have lost their jobs, their homes, and gone bankrupt, it becomes a shared experience. Shared experiences create community, and unfortunately that seems to be the only thing that does any more. Remember the Andy Griffith Show? Mayberry seemed to have such a wonderful sense of community. What was the secret? Nothing ever seemed to go seriously wrong there, lol.

For your viewing pleasure, click here for 10 minutes of political commentary and jawing at the barber shop in Mayberry, and a situation that shows how close-knit they were.

And yes, it's a fictional place but I think it does represent the times a little bit. Was it a world that had just come out of the Great Depression? A world without television? A world of people imbued with a strong and consistent set of values? What do you think?

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