Simple Monday in the Heat


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Outside My Window ~ it is hot! The sky is that brassy pale blue and if there wasn't a very tiny cool breeze off the ocean we would be melting in the sweltering humidity. There are blackberries and the garden is has all kinds of green tomatoes on it but the leaves keep wilting if I don't water as soon as the sun hits them.

I Am Thinking ~ I am missing my husband. He will be in the States until Wednesday probably and it is hard to be apart for more than a day. I have faith that this is what we are supposed to do and it will all work out, but I am a woman and I worry.

I Am Thankful For ~ the Internet which has allowed me to be in contact with John and get him the information he needs on the fly. My computer dings and he needs to know how to get to Carson City... I just Google it and he has an answer in less than a minute.

From the Kitchen ~ green tea and lots of bush beans, and cinnamon toast. It's too hot to make anything except burritos.

I Am Studying ~ Written Communication, Business Management and Information Technology in college, and I'm doing research for the bus conversion.

I Am Reading ~ I just finished Self-Made Man, about a woman who tries out being a man for a year and a half to see how the other half ticks. Fascinating but disturbing. John and I are also reading Tom Sawyer together, and he is reading The Magician's Nephew to the girls.

I Am Hoping ~ for no hassles at the DMV! (I think that is serious but it sounds more like a sarcastic joke, lol)

I am Creating ~ a wall of sketches of bus interiors and designs. Our dining room wall was pretty blank so every time I sketch something I tape it to that wall.

I Am Hearing ~ the train tooting, boat horns, a friendly breeze, and the quiet that happens when one child needs a time out in their room.

Around the House ~ to pass the time and stop worrying about my husband I pick a different room each day and clean it. I've done my room, the girl's room, the downstairs bedroom, and today is the dining room. I also need to move some branches to the burn pile outside.

One of My Favorite Things ~ yesterday it was taco seasoning but then I woke up with a tummy ache so I'm not so sure anymore

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week ~ stay by the computer until John gets home, then help him start ripping seats out of the bus

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