Will We All Wear Spandex?


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Tomatoes. Such a simple, wonderful fruit. Bright red, so yummy. I cooked these all into a vegetarian pasta sauce and froze it. If you've never tasted this, it doesn't taste anything like the stuff you get at the store. I like to keep the taste of the fresh tomato, lightly seasoned with garlic and basil.

What do tomatoes have to do with spandex? Absolutely nothing. But, John and I were having a nerdy argument. Was Captain Picard's uniform one piece or two? As it turns out, it started out as a jumpsuit and then changed to two, making us both wrong because we each had also argued that it had never changed!

Anyway, it got me thinking about our vision of the future. It seems as though our collective idea of the future includes everyone wearing tight, spandex-like materials, zipped to the neck. Why is that what we imagine the future to be? I'm generalizing (again) but it seems as though we have a pretty grim idea of what the future might hold, even down to having to wear uncomfortable clothing, lol.

So maybe the climate is screwed and we're going into some crazy ice age or possibly something similar to the surface of Mars. Maybe the government is corrupt (is that anything new?). Maybe technology is advancing so much that AI robots will be everywhere and we won't have any privacy because our brain will be directly connected to the Internet. If that's so, who survives? Who does the best?

If you look at history, it's the farmers and hunters and gatherers. It's the people who grow tomatoes. So I think the future looks pretty much the same... a bunch of families wearing the same old things, eating the same old foods, going through the same day-to-day things in the midst of adversity, the same as always. Times change but people don't. We still have to make a living, eat food, find shelter, raise our children.

That said, it's a shame we can't elevate ourselves beyond that like the show Star Trek tried to fantasize about. But we don't have to elevate our lifestyle - just our minds. :)

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