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In a previous post I mentioned that one of our hobbies is 'nerdy parties', and a commenter wanted to know what this means, lol.   Nerdy parties I have had:

Costume party - for a birthday party, but still a little nerdy for a teenager, lol.  I was a hippie clown.  This means a clown with long braids and a tie-dye shirt which is what I wore anyway except that I painted my face. 

Monty Python Halloween party - one of my friends had his birthday on Halloween, and the tradition was to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail and eat candy.  This sounds boring but when this is super late at night and you fill in extra time playing games, this is hilarious.  Hasn't happened so much since having children.

Rock Band party - used to have Rock Band parties when we had a PS3.  If you haven't played this, there is a guitar, drums and microphone and three people play together and try to get the most points.  

Marathon movie parties - I've been to several Star Wars and Star Trek marathon parties.  The key with these is to have virgin margaritas and tons of chips.

Swing dance parties - I love swing dancing and I used to get together with a group of people who practiced once a week and then would go out late for banana splits.  We never actually had a dance - it was more of a party than seriousness.

Video scavenger hunts - have done several of these, one involving getting kicked out of Wal-Mart and one that requiring microwaving popcorn in a stranger's home.  The key to winning?  Poor people are more helpful...wealthy neighborhoods will slam a door in your face.

Paper games party - we call games that use just paper and a pencil 'paper games'.  Our favorite is the Name Game.  Each person picks a name and secretly writes it on a piece of paper which is put into a hat and mixed up.  These are then read one at a time by everyone one time and put away.  You have to then remember what was read, and guess who wrote them.  If you guess right, that person is on your team and you go again.  We mixed this up into a better game by creating The Grossest Thing You Can Write on Paper Without Throwing Up or Using a Profanity game. We have a few others that are probably equally good but this has topped them all.

Board games party - most of the time when we have people over, we never just sit around and 'talk'.  It's either a movie or a board game night.  Our top games are Cranium and Settlers of Catan, but The Farming Game, Pick Two, Monopoly and Risk all fill the bill. 

We are living in a small place but will soon be living in a little bit bigger place with more opportunity for having people over. My wish list of more nerdy parties:

More costume parties... because there's nothing more fun than a bunch of people dressing up crazy and playing games, lol.

I really want to have a luau in the middle of winter.  Or even more nerdy, make it a Survivor luau and play games that lead up to a tribal council.  Who will get kicked out of the party? lol

We love watching Lost and we've always tried to find more people to come watch it with us with our sweet surround sound, lol.  The party is really about who has the best theory, but we really need more people to get in on this.  

I'd also like to have an around the world dinner, and try foods from all over the world.  I love trying new things and foreign foods and this just seems like fun to me. 

I want to host my own Brazilian churrasco party.  I need to get a good barbecue first, but it would be fun to have some good food, good friends and some good samba music on a lazy summer afternoon.  

So there you have it... any more good ideas?  :)

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They ARE nerdy. Although the winner would have to be the Rock band party with a ps3. eek


I'll come over for a Monty Python party if you'd have me. :D