Games Requiring Nothing But Imagination


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We got our first letter from Ghana the other day.  Our little World Vision girl wrote us a letter and drew us a picture of some kind of vegetable.  She described her favorite game as ampe, a game for girls that involves jumping and clapping.  We looked it up on YouTube and found this:

Of course we had to try it, and it was fun!  Although I had trouble jumping because of the pregnant weight, lol.  

I've posted before about not having too many toys, and one way we do this is to collect games that don't require anything (which is really collecting knowledge).  I have a book called Kate Greenway's Book of Games, which is reprint of some simple games from the past century.  I can't figure out where else to get this book since I love it and I would recommend it, but I found it at a thrift store and it seems to be out of print.  The internet is also a great resource.

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Oh I love this. I have a fondness for such games. I just recall all those lunch times at school playing with nothing more than our hands, a rope, or a ball.
I always taught my nieces hand-clapping games.

Life has become so complicated for kids.