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When I was a kid, my parents were house-hunting and we went to look at a neat old bungalow in the city.  She had a very nice Great Dane, and at the end of the house tour we all conglomerated in the kitchen.  She looked at us and said, "You people are kitchen people!"  My parents looked at each other like, 'What the heck does that mean?',  but I knew what she was saying.  Out of all the rooms of the house, we had naturally just stopped in the kitchen because that was more comfortable to us.  Many people would have ended up in the living room on the couch or even out on the front porch.  Perhaps we would have stopped in the backyard.  But no, we stood around the kitchen.  

I found this blog today called Passive Aggressive Notes that has little tidbits, like this one, about people living in shared spaces.  It's funny to me that people who live together are so in each other's space that they have to resort to the notes.  In our shared kitchen the only note I have ever written is, "Please don't put the Calphalon pots in the dishwasher! Thanks! :)"  People clean up so well that my anodized pots were getting put in the dishwasher and the detergent messes with the special surface (if you're not familiar with anodized cookware, it's a great way to cook healthy and not use toxic teflon pots).  

We have all become so unendingly respectful of the shared kitchen space that everyone has become a rare cook.  We're eating a great deal of raw foods like wraps, and hardly bake anything.  I made bread a couple of times but it infringed upon the group kitchen time so much that I felt like I should just wait until I moved.  

But, that being said, I don't think we'll ever live alone again.  I posted before how I was looking forward to not having anyone else in the house finally, but as it turns out John's brother and his girlfriend might live with us, and I might have family come stay with us for a while too.  Which means that we have never lived in a building alone, ever.  I get tired of it, but it really is the natural way to live because we seem to always fall into it.  The kitchen seems to be source of trouble for people who share, but I suppose raw foods are healthy anyway. :)

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