Free Date Idea: Home Pedicures


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Yesterday John and I had a not-free-date at a movie since I hadn't been to a movie in so long, but I realized I never wrote what our free date was from the time before. Home pedicures and foot rubs! He was a bit hesitant about this one but it was my turn to think of something so he went along - and really enjoyed it. :)

I had some aromatherapy bath salts so we got a bowl of really hot water and soaked our feet for a bit to relax while we talked. Then we manicured each others toenails. Then we got some oil out to massage each other's feet. Unfortunately I didn't have any almond oil or some nice-smelling oil, I just had toasted sesame oil which smelled a little strongl, lol. We rubbed that in until it was gone, and then John painted my nails. I tried to convince him to let me paint his but that was a no-go. :)

This date wasn't entirely free ... obviously you need some salts and oils and polish and clippers, but they are relatively inexpensive and really you don't need much to give someone a foot rub and clip their nails. Making it into a process is what makes it more romantic - just take lots of time with it.

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