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This World is Equipped with
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Do not attempt genocide. Simply rectify ethnic and sex discrimination.
This Declaration is not harmful to national sovereignty, nor does it affect the soundness of your economy.

Saw this today... I wish I could credit the author.

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Nice post. God forbid we should 'treat others as we would be treated ourselves'.

I just downloaded the Deliberate Life book, it is AWESOME... haven't actually sat down & read it, but am up to page 75 of printing it... one thing I didn't see while browsing was anything about mobile homes/manufactured housing, positive or negative, but that was on a search via my viewer...

We lost our house in April when the wildfires happened in North TX...so we're rethinking a bunch of stuff & for now are hoping to get a doublewide put on the property where our house was. We do hope to eventually move, but one step at a time! :)

Thanks Jessica! I didn't write about manufactured homes in this edition mostly because you can't make one yourself. But I will make a post about them today! I'm so sorry you lost your house, I hope you figure things out. :)