Simple Monday Victoria Day


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For Today...

Outside my window... the honeybees are going crazy over that berry tree outside the side window. From the front window I can see the sailboats on the harbor. Last night we could see the fireworks for Empire Days.

I am thinking... about going into a place in my mind where my house is clean and pretending I live there. Actually it's not TOO bad, and its getting cleaned up today with my husband's gracious help, so I can't complain. I am also thinking that the Star Trek movie we watched last night was very good. My Trek-sense was satisfied.

I am thankful for... a healthy baby that healthily spits up milk all over the place as soon as I've put on clean clothes.

From the kitchen... peanut butter and jam on tortillas! Probably veggie burgers too.

I am wearing... a green summer shirt, brown hoodie, yoga pants and definitely NO SHOES.

I am reading... Healing the Hyperactive Mind by Michael Lyon, M.D. It's about naturally helping children with ADHD (and adults) through diet, supplements, etc.

I am hoping... that I will soon get a routine down with this baby. It's getting there. We don't schedule of course, but having a rhythm to the day definitely helps.

I am creating... that's a good question. More chaos? A better mousetrap? lol I am creating a peaceful home, which is all I can hope for at the moment.

I am praying... that the new classic Range Rover will only have the problems we expect with it, so it really is the deal we think it is. A head gasket and a couple of rear suspension bags and we're good, right?

Around the house... close my eyes and don't get overwhelmed.

One of my favorite things... water! I am loving water! What an amazing, miraculous liquid it is.

A few plans for the rest of the week... we have a few visitors this week, my wonderful friend, probably my sister-in-law and my mom is coming back at the end of the week. All of these people are helpful and nice so I am really looking forward to it.

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HELP !! I ordered your book, Deliberate Life, on Amazon and it came in the mail with another book in the cover!! I am so disapointed because I wanted to read it today. It was sent by what can I do?

Yikes! That's awful! I am going to contact Amazon for you, but in the meantime can you send me your email address? Email nonelectricnorth @

Thank you for being so helpful. The right book is on the way.