Green Meme #3


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Green Meme #3

1. Are you keeping your temperature (heating/cooling) systems on low? If you have radiators are they fitted with thermostats?

We've been keeping the thermostat at 20 C but I am still so bad with the metric system I had no idea what that is. It was the coldest we could stand and we would put sweaters on. I guess it is 68 F (just typed it into Google). 70 is supposed to be optimum so I guess we are doing ok since just a few degrees less is supposed to make a difference. We keep several rooms closed when we aren't using them, and upstairs we have a space heater for our bedroom that we use if we really want to be warm. We also have plastic on some of the windows and we are adding insulation to the garage which should help the upstairs.

2. If yes to the above, what do you to keep warm/cool without resorting to turning up those numbers?

Hmmm, well I said a couple of things already but usually we are cold. If we could we'd probably have it up to 75 and walk around in shorts. We put on sweaters and use the space heater if we really need it. I also have polar fleece throws all over the place if people want to wrap up.

3. Do you turn your fridge temperature down when it has less items in it?

I don't think it ever has less items in it, lol. Actually I'm not sure how it would work to turn it down since its supposed to just keep the temperature at what the thermostat is set at. If there is less food, it should have to work less anyway to keep it at the right temperature, should it not? If I turn it down, won't it just be warmer and therefore decrease the life of the food?

4. Do you unplug unused small appliances?

The only ones I have are the toaster and the microwave and no I don't unplug them. I just can't remember to do that AND turn off all the lights, lol. The amount of power a toaster draws must be pretty minimal, right?

5. Do you switch off rather than leave on standby; TV/computer/dvd player/etc?

The TV is and DVD player get turned off, but our computers are Macs and go to sleep when not in use. The battery on my MacBook is getting old though and I keep having to charge it, so when I get a new battery then I can unplug it from the wall at night and thus save more energy.

6. Do you own (or will you purchase in the future) energy-efficient (star-rated) home appliances?

Not really right now, but we are saving up for a Miele washer and dryer. They are made in Germany and are the most efficient appliances in the world. I would like a dishwasher too but one thing at a time, lol.

7. Do you have any green goals/hopes for the next few months?

Get the garden in, install one of those bidet seats on our toilet so we use less toilet paper, and try to stick to my goal to not buy any new clothes unless they are sustainably grown/made. This is tough for me... I love the thrift store but I have a thing for shoes. Not fancy heels, but sneakers and hiking boots and waterproof sandals and functional things. A shoe for every purpose if you will. Limiting it to vegan and organic is going to be tricky. I don't have anything against used shoes - its just that its hard to find size 6 shoes for my tiny 5 foot body, lol.

I tag anyone who has a blog who reads this. :)

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Hey there, just a lurker on your blog. :)

Just wanted to say that we put our computer/printer on one power bar and our TV/PS3/stereo/PVR on another, and at night we turn those power bars off. At that same time we also started only plugging in the small appliances (toaster, toaster oven, kettle, microwave, food processor, mixer, blender, coffee pot... phew!) as needed. It has become a habit to unplug each one when we are done with it or at night at the very least. It actually made a noticeable dent in our power bill! Phantom loads steal more energy than you would expect.

I also wanted to say that I think used clothes have a lighter footprint than sustainably grown clothes. I could be wrong. It just seems like the former already exist, and the latter still need energy to be grown, harvested, produced and shipped. KWIM? I'd be interested to see a comparison.