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One of my greatest heros is a rebel, a man who has gotten into a lot of trouble because of some of his dissent.  What's so funny about this man is that he has a great many people who idolize him but fail to recognize his more criminal behavior.  To them he is 'pure', while to me he is my hero because of his subversion.

Some things he should be more known for:

Heresy.  He challenges major religious authorities and their doctrine.  Even though he lives in an area where people are free to worship as they please, he purposely finds ways to challenge interpretation of ancient law and scripture.  At one point this led to violence in a sacred house of worship.

Politically dangerous.  He often has hordes of people leaving jobs and homes to sit and listen to his speeches, which tend to encourage political action.  This has led to arrests, economic problems and protests.  Such a charismatic leader is considered too dangerous and too radical.

Hanging Out With the Wrong People.  He routinely associates with the low-life's of the world... prostitutes, the homeless, profiteers, drunks, vagrants... He doesn't 'work with them' from a charitable point of view - he lives with them and would rather be part of their group than the acceptable crowd.  He is one of them.

Criminal Activity. He routinely breaks the law.  Not only economic laws and tax laws, but also helping criminals to go free, becoming an associate of crime himself.

He Loves to Party.  He always seems to be hanging out at the most drunken parties, and has been known to provide copious amounts of high quality alcohol to parties himself.

A Quack Doctor.  Medical professionals find him frustrating for his claims to be able to cure incurable diseases and malformations.  His brand of alternative medicine is considered fraudulent at best.

He Is a Commie.  He advocates a complete change of lifestyle for the wealthy - giving up everything and distributing it to the poor in a rudimentary communist welfare system.  

I could go on and on about this, giving examples for each of these things, but I think it is pretty recognizable.  I have other heroes as well - Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Buddha, but none are as volatile and criminal as this one.

Because he styled himself a spiritual leader, the bulk of his public speeches were about the doctrines of the previous thousands of years and how we didn't need them.  We didn't need the law if we loved each other.  We didn't need priests and authorities if we were priests ourselves.  We didn't need hierarchies and institutions - we need to simply share with each other.  He bashed down social classes and hung out with the untouchables - the lepers and his era's equivalent of carnies, pawn brokers, drunks and whores.  He continually emphasized that it wasn't what you believed, it was how you treated others.  He told people to quit worrying about what they did for a living and what they did with their lives, because God provides.  His message was freedom.

What is left of his legacy is only barely recognizable in the form of a few outcast individuals and writers who try to wake people up from the herd mentality.  You know that crazy dirty homeless man on the street corner with the sign?  He's the guy Jesus would have been over to dinner with - not me, and not you.

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Very, very, very, very, very, very true!

It's just love, always love, always giving love.


What Jesus taught was some of the most powerful stuff I have ever found. I think sometimes we forget exactly who he was and what he did in favor of the "All Powerful God" thing.

He loved. That's all.