National Animal Identification System


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Just a heads up, there is an ongoing discussion about this new system of keeping track of every animal in the United States. While it appears relatively harmless, any kind of federal tracking is a bad idea for the small farmer. It is supposed to prevent disease, but what really is happening is that large producers and agribusiness (who are the only ones who have had incidence of disease) are lobbying against the small farmer.

This happened fairly recently here in British Columbia when they introduced new meat inspection laws that required all farmers to have their butchering done at a licensed facility in front of a BC inspector. This was supposedly to prevent disease, but since there had never been an incidence of contamination from small farm meat, what this really meant was that large producers were trying to force out small producers, many of whom already had low profit margins and now had to spend the extra cost of paying for a facility. It also hurt butchering businesses, many of whom would travel to different farms rather than being in a central facility. There were many protests, but to no avail.

So take a look at the ID, write some emails and don't let them track your farm animals.

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