Simple Monday


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For Today...

Outside my window... the guys working on the raised beds... the smell of fresh cut wood.

I am thinking... that as soon as I clear my mind of these projects and cleaning, the baby will come.

I am thankful for... perennials that pop up all on their own out of the ground and make beautiful flowers.

From the kitchen... we had White Spot tonight, lol. Kind of a family work-party treat. I'm afraid if I always do this daybook on Mondays it will seem like we always eat out, but its only because it is John's day off, lol.

I am wearing... the same yoga pants I was wearing last time I wrote this, a long black maternity shirt (it's supposed to be slimming), and a brown hoodie. I'm always barefoot!

I am re-reading... still The Continuum Concept. Everyone in our culture should read this. It explains many of the reasons why we are often so distant and dysfunctional in our families, while third world people and indigenous people aren't. It also should be required reading for parents.

I am hoping... that my Mom has a safe drive, and that maybe we can get the garden planted before the baby is born. If not, oh well.

I am creating... a garden! lol and a safe, happy space for this new person in our life.

I am praying... for myself.

Around the house... laundry! bathrooms! more laundry!

One of my favorite things... this whole 1940's house and the lovely coziness that it has.

A few plans for the rest of the week... plant the garden, keep the house clean, and go into labor.

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