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That's the map of the 100 mile US Border Patrol zone that people are calling the Constitution-Free Zone. Not many people have heard about this, and I had heard rumors, but I didn't realize they had put it into effect. This was brought to my attention because of a pastor that got his head split open at one of the checkpoints within the 100 mile along the Mexico side of this zone. Evidently, there are now a series of checkpoints along major highways that stop people within the US and have the right to search people, detain people, whatever they want that they feel enhances the security of America.

The map shows what lies within the 100 miles, and is from the ACLU's information on the whole thing (which has been summarized here). I think that a lot of Republicans want to blame the current administration, and the Democrats want to blame the last administration, but in reality both are to blame. One instituted it, and one is allowing it to continue.

I try to avoid politics, I really do, but there should never be checkpoints within a country that have the kind of search and questioning power that these Border Patrol officers do. Whatever the reason given... illegal immigrants, drug trafficking, terrorism... those are just excuses. These checkpoints are for citizens, and when you are driving from California to New Mexico you shouldn't have to stop to tell the government where you are going.

Lots of people talking about this issue have quoted Benjamin Franklin, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." The first step that Hitler took in Germany to gain power was to expand the police and give them a mandate to take 'preventive action' ... that is, take action against anyone they just felt suspicous of. They stopped people randomly and if they felt suspicious, they could arrest you for really no reason. Of course, they targeted Jews and dissenters, which happened to be their economic and political scapegoats, but is this really any different?

All I am saying is that once again, people need to be aware that certain rights have been taken away without any fuss at all... and that history repeats itself.

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I've seen this and fought about it with Husband several times. He is so willing to believe that "they" wouldn't do that kind of stuff. I think it's his "ostrich" thing. Who knows.

And I agree totally about "blaming the other party". Both parties have a vested interest in keeping us arguing amongst ourselves. If we're so busy blaming the other party, we won't join together and point the finger (where it belongs) at THEM.

I am truly scared by the things that are happening here. (Deep sigh) But then again, I'm somewhat of a doomer chick, so perhaps it's just my style.

Peace out.