Waiting isn't My Strongest Characteristic


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I am waiting for three things at the moment... books from Amazon, sourdough and a baby. I ordered three books... The Duggars: 20 and Counting, just because I'm a little bit fascinated with them and also wanted some pointers now that I'll have three, lol. I also got The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the Food You Need on Just 1/4 Acre!, which is pretty self-explanatory. I have quite a large collection of homesteading books (I should pull them out and list them here with reviews), but I'm hoping this book will really give some practical information on small spaces, which I don't have really have in my collection. I also bought a book I've wanted for a while called Preserving Foods Without Freezing or Canning: Old World Techniques and Recipes. I don't have a chest freezer simply because I feel as though if the power went out that would pretty much destroy my food storage, and I love to learn to do things without electricity, which this book will tell me how to do I hope. But, these books are in Ontario and so I have to wait a few more days.

True to my word, I started making sourdough in my quest for fermented grains. This is a many-day process, and I am experimenting with a number of sources, including this excellent post from Two Frog Home. One thing I am trying to do is put it in a crock - people nowadays generally have a jar with cheesecloth and I want to try it the old-fashioned way. Right now I am simply waiting for my grainy mass to bubble, but I keep looking at it because I am impatient, lol.

And finally, I am still waiting for this baby. I have 11 days until my due date, the baby is so low I can feel the head when I walk around, and I am constantly having braxton hicks. The house is clean, the baby's first outfit is all laid out ready to go. Maybe the baby knows I haven't finished planting the garden, ha ha.

One of the things that I have always struggled with is obviously waiting. I consider myself very patient with people, but when I am waiting for something to occur, I would much rather just have it done. I hate limbo, waiting, wondering. Its sort of ironic because at the same time I love the slowness of the deliberate life. When you choose to simplify, to focus on what is really important, you tend to declutter all the unnecessary activities and you find yourself with a bunch of extra time on your hands which you end up filling with long term projects. The world tends to promote projects and information and products that are Instant! Ready-Made! but once you separate yourself from that, you find yourself very busy with things that take months or even years to complete.

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you - Lao Tzu

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Good luck with the sourdough! I read "Preserving Foods Without Freezing or Canning" it was a lot of fermented/pickled foods, which is good but not something I think I enjoy eating up constantly...

I'm always up for reading book reviews ;)