We Get the First Electric Vehicle - ha ha Losers!


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British Columbia gets the first (ok, that's a technical term... don't get me started on Who Killed the Electric Car) highway ready electric vehicle, the Mitsubishi MiEV.

What I like about this particular EV is that it can plug into your house and one of those pay electric pumps (so you have either option), and it has four doors. The city of Vancouver and BC Hydro are each getting one for testing, and supposedly they will be on the streets for everyone by the end of the year.

Mitsubishi has some really awesome papercraft projects, including one for the MiEV and the Delica, which is available in BC because they import it direct from Japan. Which reminds me that BC is very good about not being part of the pressure from oil companies in the types of cars allowed on the streets. Besides the diesel Delica van which gets really good fuel mileage, we were one of the first to have the Smart Car.

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