Raspberry Leaf Tea


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So finally after tons of urging by some herbally-minded friends I finally got myself some raspberry leaf tea. It doesn't really help you go into labor... well possibly with the exception of me because anything and everything causes false labor for me. But, what it does do is help you have an easier more efficient labor by strengthening and toning the muscles. Because it's so full of vitamins taking it before and after labor helps the mother heal faster, reduces bleeding and brings on breastmilk. The way I make it is to drop a teaspoon fool of dried herb into a cup of boiling water, let it steep for a little while (10-15 minutes), and then I sieve out the leaves. I think that as far as teas go, it tastes very sweet. Yum!

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Can I make my own? Do I just dry the leaves? Is it bad for me if I'm in the god-forbid-I-ever-become-pregnant phase? (as in, my kids are adults!!)


I would have made my own if I had some raspberry leaves... just dry them and crush them up for tea. It's very healthy and probably would help any female I would imagine.