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I thought I would try this... after I have a baby it might be nice to think about this stuff as a kind of gratitude journal.

April 16th
Outside my window... the view of the bay, and berry tree that is getting very green already.
I am thinking... about the what I need to do today and how little I can get away with. Laundry, definitely... dishes - maybe not.
I am thankful for... my kids. They are eating mandarin oranges but talking them like little people before their inevitable demise.
From the learning rooms... the room full of books is being used for Little Big Planet today. A video game with puzzles so it really is educational - really!
From the kitchen... peanut butter and jelly and lots of fruit.
I am wearing... the last pair of pants that fit my pregnant body and a green shirt that barely covers the basketball I have stuffed under it.
I am creating... a website for my dad and another t-shirt design for
I am going... to take a walk in a minute.
I am reading... The Continuum Concept again... and Painless Algebra.
I am hoping... for a healthy baby.
I am hearing... kids saying, "Aaaaaah, don't eat me! I am just a baby orange!"
Around the house... diaper pail, dandelions in cups of water, pile of clean laundry for folding, colored pencils.
One of my favorite things... plastic scissors that don't cut anything but paper.
A few plans for the rest of the week: go to a blessingway for me, build the raised beds, find someone who wants to mow the lawn.

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