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I have posted a lot today!  I guess I have a lot on my mind and the kids are pretty much entertaining themselves running wild and covered with mud.  I am constantly trying to choose organic foods when I shop.  There are three farmer's markets in my town, and there's three more within 30 km.  There's a whole foods market nearby where I live, and also two grocery stores that carry organic foods that were grown within 200 miles of me but had to come over on a large ferry on a truck.  There is also a small farm market that runs ever day if I need veggies, which takes about 20 minutes to get to.  

So I have many options, and two problems.  Problem one is that I don't have the time to run around to each of these little markets trying to find the best deal on a tomato, or gathering together all the items we eat in a week.  I prefer to shop every two weeks, with maybe a milk run in the middle, because buying in bulk saves us tons of money, not only in gas (my car gets 50 miles per gallon but we still spend at least $100 in gas a month at $6 a gallon...) but in food prices.

My closest store is Costco, it's just down the street, and it carries an organic option for just about everything which allows us to stay within our food budget and support organic agriculture. BUT, many of these items were grown in Mexico or China.  That's not true about all the items, such as Newman's Own stuff.  However, in a trade off between a grocery store and Costco for the same items, I would theorize that Costco uses less petroleum because there is only one Costco in any regional area, and they ship everything in huge bulk orders instead of small amounts.  They are extremely energy conscious and turn off the lights during the day, they don't use bags, recycle all that cardboard and packaging they have hanging around, and even try to recycle food waste like meat trimmings and fat, and most Costco's have solar panels on the roof.  They evaluate packaging so that it can be trucked more efficiently... for example, they changed the shape of a milk carton and saved 520 truckloads a year.  So probably if I have to shop at a store, Costco may be one of the most green business I can go to.

I'm not sure how I feel about food coming in from the far sides of the world so I can afford organic food (or get organic food that tastes better), but it's a compromise that I probably have to make.

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