Road Trip!


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Guess where I am? Montana! We suddenly decided to take a trip back home to see new babies, new step-moms, family back in town after years. And we can see the land and the house we are going to live in. The hardest part of the trip is the ferry, so we left Sunday night, waited three hours for the ferry to Vancouver (because people leave the island at the end of the weekend), and then stayed the night at John's sister's. In the morning we started driving and 12 hours later we were here. We went through the States rather than southern BC because gasoline is $4 rather than the $6 it is in Canada right now.

We will try to take pictures of this beautiful state while we are here (we will borrow a camera), and we are going on a hike to Avalanche Lake, and possibly fishing. John is going to be posting on here too, so there should be lots more posts, even though we are in the midst of summer fun.

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