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I know I usually do this on the weekend but we are looking ahead to it being a very busy one so I'm doing this now while I still remember.

The week started out very slow, and it was very warm so our plans to go camping and go to the silly boat races pretty much died by the roadside.  And because I had my goat milk reaction and was sick for a day or two, we spent a lot of time watching some movies (including Short Circuit 2 - that's a blast from the past!).  The girls read books, and we continued to read Farmer Boy every night, and we also read some library books including Sacred Places, we looked at pictures of bats and another book about big cats.  This turned to a discussion about carnivores and the difference between a carnivore and an omnivore and an herbivore, and then it turned into a discussion about predators.  Annie connected the idea that a bat is a predator for fruit and bugs, and a big cat is a predator for antelope, and when she realized that the Puma lives in North America, she had the thought they are a predator for us.  

We also played The Impressionist Art Game, which I got in a bargain bin so I don't have the book, just the cards, and Autumn was on my team and we identified different artists and works of art together while playing Go Fish.  I like this particular set because it includes several female artists as well.

We picked cherries and I climbed up the tree barefoot and scraped up the top of one foot pretty badly, and this turned into a discussion about the value of work and how I feel pretty much the same about work as I do about play.  They are both fun to me.  She saw the work that it takes to gather the food that we eat, even such easy sources such as cherries, and decided that some things are worth the hard work.  

We got together with a homeschooling mom today at a new park, I had met her through the internet and we had been trying to get together for some time.  So the girls played with her 8 year old and 1+ year old and had fun running around together.  We also found a Daddy Long Legs in the bathroom and Annie found it in a book and we realized that it's not a Daddy Longs if it has 8 legs.  It was really a Harvestman.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to a free art activity at an art gallery called Artrageous, and possibly the Bathtub Races.  

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I respect you for taking upon yourself to teach your children at home. That is an awesome task to take on. It sounds like you make an effort to make everyday happenings into learning opportunities.