Free Date Idea: Stalking Owls


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John and I were reunited yesterday after our three-day separation when he works on the mainland, and I was still babysitting.  We ended up sitting on the porch under the stars and looking at the mountains as the dusk settled.  We heard an owl hooting, and then we heard a little animal scream, a scuffle, more hooting, then quiet and we realized that the owl had killed something, probably a rabbit.  Then we were talking quietly and I heard the sound of a bird I hadn't ever heard before.   John said, "It's just a bird, don't worry about it."  It got a little closer, and a little closer and then we saw an owl sitting on the peak of the roof.  It was screeching rhythmically, a different sound than we had heard before, and then we heard another one answer it.  They called to each other for a while, and then our owl flew towards the sound, but we could hear that he didn't go far away.

We jumped up and made our way into the darkness of the trees surrounding the house, and quietly found two owls sitting by each other on a branch, and possibly calling to a third one.  I didn't think owls hung out with each other.  We felt like trackers as we had to walk very quietly and try to see their silhouettes in the dark.  It was a fun little spontaneous adventure, and now I can try to find a recording of the owls and show the girls, but it would be a lot easier if I had Audubon's Field Guide to Birds

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How cool is that!