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One of the things we have done is purposely slow done and de-schedule our life.  We used to each have a cell phone that we carried constantly, we always had to be in contact and to be able to check the most accurate time.  We no longer carry our phones so getting hold of us is a bit sketchy... people find it quite annoying that they have to send us an email or poke us on Facebook to get our attention. I'm thinking that we could probably live without the phone completely.  I know a family that lives in that small Errington community that does not have a phone or a computer.  If they need to talk to someone they go in person.  Our culture sees not having a phone as a sign of poverty but it seems to me the opposite... someone is rich who has enough free time to go see a friend.

I found the Affluenza documentary that I've been wanting to watch (there is also a book available based on this PBS documentary).  This is Part 1:

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