Soy vs. Cow vs. Goat


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Soymilk, cow's milk and goat's milk have been under debate at our house.  I normally drink soy (only the organic Silk brand) and it's just now that I can drink a glass of it and it tastes good to me, even though I've been drinking it for about 6 years.  I'm allergic to cow's milk from the store (I get an itchy rash on my face, which usually means an allergy to casein, the protein in it), but it is possible that I wouldn't be to raw milk.  Unfortunately, raw milk is pretty much illegal everywhere.  

We are also trying to decide whether we will get a cow or goats in the spring, and it would be dependent on what the milk tasted like to us.  So I finally had goat's milk yesterday, and it tasted really good!  Even more wonderful, I am not allergic to it.  

This is probably because goat's milk is closer to human milk and contains very little casein.  It's a good source of protein and calcium, and is easier to digest.  It doesn't really contain enough B12 or Folate so we'll need to make sure we are getting them in our other foods.  It's not something you can just give to a baby (even though it is closer to human milk) because of bacteria, but if you must replace the miraculous human breast, boiling it will make it safe.  But, goat milk is used all over the world and they are much easier to raise than domesticated cows.

So we are going to get goats.  We don't eat a lot of meat so the goats and chickens should be enough for our family, and both have two uses - eggs and meat, and milk and meat.  We have to be very efficient, although I would really like a donkey.  I just have to figure out why I need one.

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Donkeys are very very good protection animals to have around farms. They will stomp wild dogs, coyotes, foxes, etc... that like to eat chickens and small goats. The best idea is to have your coops inside a pasture with the goats and donkey.

Good point! Hmmm... maybe I DO need a donkey. lol