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So... we have been offered the use of five acres of my aunt and uncle's land in Montana.  It is still under discussion about what we would do with it but we are pretty sure that this is a great opportunity that is too good to pass up.

No matter where we end up, we have created a list of items to collect for our homestead.  This is the list of kitchen items:

Kitchen items:
Broom (can be made, pg. 196)
Treadle sewing machine (Singer)
Baskets (can be made, pg. 195)
Blankets & pillows (quilts, pg. 234)
Can opener
Canning jars
Crockery or enamel ware
Glass water jugs
2 metal basins
Clothes wash plunger
Huge pot (cauldron?)
Dutch oven
Cast iron frying pan/sauce pan
Tea kettle
Bread toaster
Hand grain grinder (will check Lehman's)
Pan scrubby/steel wool
Meat cooking thermometer
Liquid cooking thermometer
Butcher knife
Steel and ceramic bowls
Unbleached muslin
Enamel canner
Pressure canner
Pressure gage
Jar rack
Canning lids
Cooler (otherwise known as an ice chest)
Iron pots/pans
Roasting pan
Stock pot
Bread pans
Muffin pans
Cookie sheets
Wooden cutting board
Rolling pin
Wire racks
Drain rack
Large bowls
Wood spoons
Pot holders/dishcloths
Butter churn/paddle (check Lehman's)
Sprout growing trays

Besides the woodworking and gardening tools, the kitchen supplies are super important. Eliminating plastic and aluminum in the kitchen is also a major priority since vinegar, yogurt, soap, herbal preparations and other made-from-scratch items can only be prepared in ceramic or enamel or steel containers.  The same goes for utensils.  No more rubber and plastic flippers or spoons.  Fortunately I've already eliminated disposable plastic and paper items other than wax paper, using cloths for cleaning up and paper for food storage and leftovers.

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Hi Nicole; Here are a few more things you may want to add to this list that I uae at home:

Wooden clothes pins; both large and small.
aprons; they save washing so many clothes.

Strainers; one large stainless steel on and a medium mesh one and a small one for straining tea leaves.

Funnels; a wide mouth one for filling canning jars; a medium one for bottles and a small one for little bottles.

Wooden folding clothes drying rack to dry clothes indoors.

Dust pan

Popcorn popper to use on wood stove.

Flour grinding mill and seed grinder hand cranked.

Cutting boards; one for meat, one for cheese and vegetables and one for bread.

Coffee grinder if anyone drinks coffee

Kitchen unscented candles for singing pin feathers off poultry.

Thick pot holders. Most are btoo thin handling iron pots.

Potato Masher

Garlic press

Glass onion chopper with metal handle that pushes up and down.

Non-electric yogurt maker.

Cheese press

Paring knives, steak knives, and bread knife.

Glass pots for cooking acidic food works as well as stainless steel and enamel

Wash tubs and hand wringer if washing by hand.

Supply of sewing threadn needles, scissors etc as well as elastic

Wire racks for cooling muffins , pies, cakes etc.

This is all I can think of for now. Have a nice day. Linda

You can had tongs to that list. Rubber handled ones for lifting canning jars from the canner and regular ones.

Also glass storage jars and spice jars.

A supply of brown paper bags

Cotton rags and old sheets [ We use old sheets to wrap meat in when it is hanging to keep pests off of it.]

Wind up clock; no batteries

Wind up radio and flashlight.

Thanks Linda! You're always so thorough with your lists... mine seem so willy-nilly, lol.

What a wonderful opportunity for you both. I hope it works out.