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This week was another very summery week. It was very hot and we were too tired to haul everyone to the beach so we seemed to be inside more than usual, although we were still outside lots.  John took Annie in the bike trailer from Parksville to Nanaimo in about less than an hour and a half, and I took Autumn to the little farm market to try some local foods.  She pushed the cart and helped me pick what to eat and we identified produce together.  

We also went to the library and picked whatever books the girls happened to be interested in and a few random ones that I found that we might enjoy reading together.  So far we've read a poetry book, Bubblegum Delicious by Dennis Lee (a Canadian author), The Magic School Bus at a Dinosaur Dig, and we're still reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  

We visited a fellow homeschooler with children a similar age and picked some of their raspberries, and played in a pool outside where we discovered that rubber erasers float and discussed the possibility that maybe it was because they were waterproof, and thought about other materials that are waterproof.  

Another day the girls played house under the trees in the backyard, and since I took away their dolls in a Continuum Concept experiment, they traded off playing the mother and the child.  Then I picked cherries with them and we talked about why wasps like cherries too.  We went to a restaurant as a treat and the girls ordered their own food confidently and decisively, and the menu had a pattern game on it that was like a child version of sudoku that we worked on as a family.

Last night we spent the night at a family member's house to babysit while the parent's got a night away, and they experimented with mud, played house with each other, built forts, watched The Chronicles of Narnia, helped take care of the chickens, and made pasta, chili and pancakes with me. We'll go home late, and then tomorrow we'll pick more cherries and go see the Silly Boat Races. A satisfying end to a fun week. :)

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