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I have a growing collection of self-published books from the 70's.  They are all originals except for one which I found as a reprint, and I'd like to find the original of that as well.  

UPDATE: I've been able to find these for sale at Powell's Books, and the links are now included here.
I don't have the original of Living on the Earth, but the reprint is very valuable in itself.

Prenatal Yoga and Natural Birth by Jeannine Medvin (one of the best prenatal books I've ever read!)

Woodstock Craftsman's Manual... detailed instructions on all kinds of neat crafts.
Woodstock Kid's Crafts is also a great art handbook, but for children.
Country Women: A Handbook for the New Farmer (I have the original but not a pic)

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My midwife had that prenatal yoga book, and I borrowed it during my whole second pregnancy. I did the yoga routine a lot and felt so great that whole time (my 2nd). Awesome book! I wish I could get my hands on some of those...

Lisa in MN

I LOVE Living on the Earth. It's so organic and wonderful. The handwritten pages are addicting.

I agree... that yoga book was a lifesaver! I found it at my local library and wanted to steal it so badly, but then I found it on ebay and didn't have to, lol. I like both of your blogs by the way. :)

Oh thanks for the blog compliment! I was just here checking back on my comment...

Your trip to Vancouver sounds great. I've heard it's a beautiful city.


okay, third time trying on the word verification. do you ever feel like an idiot when you get the letters wrong?

I adore the books from the seventies. I just picked up the prenatal book. I just found your blog. Love it! Blessings.