Aquaponics in the House


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I found a really neat art project called the Farm Fountain yesterday and I'm trying to find a way to embed the movie here, but it won't.  BUT, please check out the website, especially the step-by-step photo instructions on how to make one.  

Aquaponics is like hydroponics, but without the chemicals.  You keep fish in a tank, and they feed the plants with fertilizer.  The plants filter the water keeping the fish in an optimum environment. Initially such a system is a bit expensive, especially in the form of the red/blue LED lightbulbs like the ones used in the Farm Fountain.  They are growing lettuces, herbs and other small veggies like radishes, all year round.  I'm particularly interested in growing edible tilapia fish.

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How cool is that!!!! Aquaponics huh?!?!?

Happy 100!

i just stumbled across your blog. looks cool. the Farm Fountain is brilliant. I think i will start searching trash cans for supplies.