Turning Over the WInter Garden and Quote of the Day


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Sin arises when things that are a minor good are pursued as though they were the most important goals in life. If money or affection or power are sought in disproportionate, obsessive ways, then sin occurs. And that sin is magnified when, for these lesser goals, we fail to pursue the highest good and the finest goals. So when we ask ourselves why, in a given situation, we committed a sin, the answer is usually one of two things. Either we wanted to obtain something we didn’t have, or we feared losing something we had.

 - Augustine

The painting above is by Ary Scheffer, of Augustine and Saint Monica.  I was reading Wikipedia about Augustine, and it is amazing how many minute details of his life we know about, even though he was born in 354 AD.  I love Wikipedia, because my intense and constant craving to satisfy my curiosity about everything can be instantly satiated.  Actually the entire internet serves that purpose for me, and I don't realize how many times I ask Google a question during the day until I don't have the internet.  It must be at least 20 - 30 times, lol. I wish I could that dedicated to praying or reading my scriptures.

The other day I finished up what our landlord had started and finished up a small raised bed for a little winter garden.  It is about 5 x 7 feet, and is really for the girls to work on rather than adding much to our food supply.

We'll do chives, radishes, lettuce, broccoli and spinach. These plants enjoy colder temperatures, and are relatively quick to mature.  If we do have to cover it in case of frost (which probably won't happen if we get the seeds in soon), I'm not sure what we'll do yet.  

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