Is It Possible to Live on 1 Earth?


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So I'm a bit bored and I started wondering what it would take to have that ecological footprint come out as 1 earth only? How would we have to live, with a family of four, in a small 2-3 bedroom house with 1000-1500 square feet?

Our house would be powered with electricity, and that would be offset with solar panels or by purchasing green power through the power company to the equivalent of 100%. The house would be in a newer suburb and be built of sustainable or recycled materials.

We would not own a car, and instead would use bikes and keep our bus rides to 100 miles per year. We would like to travel, and we would keep that to traveling by train 2000 miles per year.

We would have to have all compact fluorescents, energy saving devices, extra insulation, insulating blinds, storm doors and solar panels on our home. We would never use a dryer, and would have to unplug electrical devices when not in use.

We would have to be vegan, grow a little bit of our own food and buy the rest from organic farmer's markets.

All of our furniture would be second hand, and all our cleaners would be green.

We would have to have a rainwater catchment system and a grey water recycling system, as well as an energy-efficient instant water heater. We would not use water excessively, and we would have a compost pile.

We would be frugal spenders and buy things only when needed. We would fill less than one garbage bin a week and recycle everything possible.
If we did all these things, we would use .85 earths. Even if we had to live in an older suburb in a home not made of earth-friendly and recycled materials, and if we were vegetarian rather than vegan, we would use exactly 1 earth.

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