Rethinking Science


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So I was going to go with R.E.A.L. Science, which is appropriate for grade 1 or 2, and has lots of hands-on projects, but after reviewing the content of some more advanced programs I've realized I need to challenge Annie even more.  She already knows this stuff.

So instead...after reading a chapter excerpt from Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany, which is written at about a fourth grade level, I realized that we need to look a little farther.  I'm not sure we'll go with Apologia which seems interesting but speaks in a voice that sounds a bit condescending.

The new solution, the respecting of children solution, is DK's The Way Science Works and The New Way Things Work.  The science book has science experiments and answers questions in an in-depth way with good pictures, and the other one explains all the other questions I get asked all the time.  They will also last forever.  The when she does an experiment I can get her a good notebook for record keeping.

I want to get the abacuses still, but I'm not satisfied with the book I chose.  I am looking at some other books like Math Wizardry for Kids. 

I also really need to get notebooks together for subjects.  I would love to have an individual blank bound book for each subject... Math, Nature Notebook, Science, Writing, Art, etc. But I may have to get a binder.

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