Eating the Placenta? Dare I?


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It's supposed to help postpartum depression.

It feels cannibalistic to eat part of my body.
To quote my husband, "If disgust was an item... it looks like that."

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That is a little gross. But I support your decision of you want too! Keep us posted!

Well, I wasn't very skeeved out by the process or the thought of it, other than when I could recognize the umbilical cord. Otherwise it just looks like nondescript meat.

I don't know. It's just more protein and iron to reclaim?

I'm not at that point yet, no kids, but I always figured we'd bury it under a fruit tree in the yard or give it a prime spot in the compost heap. Assuming we're in a house by then.

I agree. Eating something that came out of my body seems just too wierd. Cannabalistic, as you say. Bizarre.

That said, I respect people who do it. Didn't know the part about easing postpartum depression. I suppose because it's loaded with nutrition.

I don't think I can do it! It's too much for me, lol. I think like Sara's it will end up in the garden. :)

Yes! It is doable! I found some instructions on how to make a tincture from the placenta here, unhinderedliving-dot-com
so I did a tincture like that and then steamed it w/ garlic and ginger, sliced and dehydrated it in the oven, as written in The Virtual Birth Center
Then I ground it up and put it in capsules to be taken in times of dire need... Lasted me 2 years, it really works. This stuff should be regular practice, then there would be no 'gross-out-factor'. We are mammals after all...