Note to Self: Remember What I Put in the Chili


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I just made some hot chocolote and chili and I need to remember what I put in it.  It never snows that much here at all, and we have 6 inches and counting.  Amazing!

1 small/medium squash
1/2 one big white onion
1/2 of a #10 can of kidney beans (so lots of beans)
3 tomatoes
chili powder
cocoa powder

I minced the onion and put it in a big pot with lots of olive oil to soften them up, then added the peeled and chopped squash so they got coated with oil.  Then I added enough water to almost cover the squash and brought to a boil and then let it simmer for about 20 minutes, until the squash was really mushy.

Then I added the beans, brought it up to a simmer again and added the chopped tomatoes.  I like my tomatoes to not get too soft so that's why they were last.  Then I added one big heaping spoonful of cocoa powder, a regular spoonful of chili powder, and the rest to taste.  The squash pretty much liquified but gave the whole thing a hearty sweetness which blended with the cocoa nicely.  The chili gave it a little kick too. 

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